Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Updates and rambles

I have a confession to make… I hate doing posts that surround health and well-being.

Why you may ask… well I think it’s probably a toss-up between feeling guilty because you know there is always someone who is worse off or whose health leaves you treasuring your own and the other toss of the coin being there is always someone who is going to think you are complaining or someone who is going to give you advice or who will want to give you advice that at times can be just down right.. Well rude to be blunt.

I haven’t been very active on this page of late and it is largely due to some health issues that I have been experiencing I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer 2 months ago and ordered off pretty much any medication that I have become reliant on over the years for my headaches, migraines and of late debilitating stomach pain, of course being taken off the only things that are keeping the pain away has not helped and my stomach issues and the pain that resulted from them became too much to bare and I will openly say that I had an emotional breakdown at home, when you literally cannot eat anything or even drink without being in excruciating pain, you are suffering with insomnia, migraines, various vitamin deficiencies and alike and you just feel like general poop all day every day it can become a bit much as it is, add in not being able to take anything for it… I am someone who drove home from the hospital within 5 and 4 days of a c-section as well as a hysterectomy but the pain that I have been experiencing for going on 4 years now is something I just cannot begin to explain.

After a lot of research based off of the suggestions of people around me I think I have finally figured out what is going on and I am hoping to see the doctor again at month end but in the interim I have removed gluten from my diet… yes you read right gluten (it has made a hell of a difference), I have added supplements for my vitamin deficiencies namely iron, calcium and magnesium and have found a natural pain killer that actually does a good heck of a job when I need it which since I have changed my diet is wonderfully less than before.

I always suspected a gluten issue  and have had the discussion with doctors before but I never thought that it could affect your body in such a huge way and that it could cause or attribute the very loooong list of issues I am having including my lactose intolerance, insomnia, vitamin issues, skin issues and even my unexplained past miscarriages, when I read the symptoms list of what I think it is my jaw dropped aches and pains in your bones and joints, hair loss, eczema all thanks to gluten or at least that is what it appears to be considering removing it from my diet has helped significantly.

It’s not easy guys I have always been good about dairy although I must confess give me a bowl of ice cream or a chocolate bar and I will happily although begrudgingly deal with the pain later but removing gluten is killer especially when you need to feed a family and have a tight budget, right now I am living on tuna, gluten free bread, rice chicken and popcorn #feelingsorryformyself… ok so it hasn’t been that bad since the pain has flown pretty much into the nether it is beyond worth it but it is difficult and I find myself giving my children a death stare of note when they complain about their toasted cheese sandwich or a pizza dripping with cheese….hmmmm yummo.

I am struggling to find recipes that are both gluten and lactose free though hence tyhe very bland selection of current eating so if anyone knows of some magic site out there or has any tips and tricks it would be greatly appreciated, I hope to be back on the blogging train and back to normal posting very soon until then I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather we are experiencing in the mornings, I know I am.

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