Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Time to get sneaky; Mom win

Xmas time is around the corner watch me jump with glee and sarcasm, sorry but try as I might I have just never been one to fuss or get excited around this time of year.

Of course it is a very different story with my kids and lately they have just been working on already anxious nerves, arguing with each other and just not getting along, so after seeing what a friend of mine did ie sending her kids a letter from Santa for them to read and reply to I decided to browse the internet and see if I could find something to remind my lot to behave and be kind to those around them as well as each other.

I found so many options but not many that were free and printable so I decided to work from a few that I liked and last night there was a letter waiting for them in the post box, stamps and all.  This was no easy feat my kiddos love checking the post box and also love keeping tabs on my every move so sneaking the rather large envelope in took a bit of fast handedness but regardless we managed and when the boys saw a letter addressed to all of them by name from the desk of Santa they were over the moon.

After reading the letter out loud you could see the looks of contemplation wash over their faces... would this even work? I wasn't sure, but I have to say since then all I have to do is remind them that they are working their way back onto the nice list when they start arguing and quick sticks the argument ends, Loghan also made his bed up this morning without me having to remind him and they were all very eager to show their friends their letter this morning.

Now Loghan is 10 and he has been questioning the whole Santa deal for a while now I have never forced the issue but always remind him that if he chooses not to believe there is no need to spoil it for others, after this letter though I do feel like I may have given him at least another year of magic, I may not be a xmas person but I do appreciate the joy it brings to younger children and the fact that it encourages a child's imagination and keeps the idea of magic alive for them.

Whether this will last and for how long I cannot say but I am counting this as a mom win for sure.

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