Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Yoga Pants oh yoga pants

Seriously guys I know I am probably the last person to jump on this bandwagon but seriously where have these been all my life.

To be plain I have always been a skirt and dress kinda girl I know I am probably going to be criticized for this but I feel most woman look better in skirts or dresses… don’t shoot me I know it comes down to comfort and preference so what I say really doesn’t matter but in any case it is what I have always preferred and been more comfortable in I could never understand how pants were comfortable jeans especially, I am not lying when I say I owned all but 2 pairs of pants up until a month ago, both jeans, one forced upon me by my mother who has not so secretly yearned and begged me to wear and fall in love with pants since my childhood and one which I bought for days I need to dress up for an event or work.

So last month when my mom handed me a pile of gym pants she didn’t want any more I took them with a forced smile and thought to myself that I could probably wear them for Zumba or to bed… that was until I wore the yoga pants she put into that pile.

OMG guys the comfort oh the comfort I was in heaven, I now wear said pants like several times a week as there are 3 pairs and when they are stuck in the wash I murmur crossly to myself, whoever came up with these are a frikken genius and so simple… so incredibly simply and yet so amazing…

Yes I have dedicated a blog post to them because that is how awesome they are, I feel like they were fashions answer to a mom lifestyle, you know the days when you wake up late or couldn’t be bothered, or when you just want to feel comfortable but appear to have put in a remote side of effort for your work day… that’s what these pants are for and I am loving it.

So to the person who first made these I thank you with every fibre of my motherhood genes, you are stinkin awesome… wait did I say you were/are awesome… right I did ok well I said it again.
Yoga pants, rolling out of bed or fresh out of gym who knows right!

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