Saturday, 15 April 2017

Review:Tangle Teaser vs generic salon De-tangeling Brush

Hi Guys

So its been a while since I created a vlog, unfortunately it is just not feasible for me to get a camera every week, it works out very expensive and hubby cannot always bring everything home on a bike.

Anyhoo I received the new Tangle Teaser in the mail last week and I cannot explain how much it has helped me with my hair so I decided to do a comparative review between my old salon brush and the new tangle teaser.

The lighting is terrible I apologise and I am out of practice, putting together a video is not easy especially when you struggle wit the whole seeing yourself on camera and knowing people are going to see it and you know not everyone is nice guys so aside from the hours it takes to edit and upload it in so daunting, anyway I hope its ok.

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