Monday, 7 November 2016

There are many things that make getting older painful and hard to deal with, but the most painful thing to deal with is the passing of a loved one or friend which as you grow older becomes more frequent and even though logically we know that this is part of life and ultimately we will all leave this plain at some stage or another the pain is still there and it doesn't get easier.

In my life I have met many incredible people, people who have left an impression in my life even through the smallest gesture or meeting.

Last night my boys great granny passed on, and the loss that I felt for those left behind was incredibly overwhelming.

I remember her as an incredibly strong woman with a very good sense of humour, she always looked so stern and serious but in conversation she was soft and kind, she spent the last few years fighting cancer, she proved her doctors wrong and outlived the time they gave her proving even more that she was incredibly strong (and stubborn... in a good way!)  

One of my most loved photos from Loghan's childhood was when he was a few days old, it was the first time Hylda had ever held Loghan and he was her first grandchild and grandson... and she cried, that photo is in Loghans baby book and it is one I hope he will cherish forever as I plan on passing the book onto him when he is older.

My heart and thoughts are with my sons father and family today.

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