Thursday, 31 March 2016

March Favourites

I don’t have many favorites this month, it’s just been a really awful month but here are a few things that I did manage to enjoy this month

Body and Make up

Oh so Heavenly Range

I have had many products from this range over the years but this past month I decided to purchase one of their roll on deodorants as well as a few different bars of their soap, the boys got to pick their own, Loghan chose a sparkly blue bar that smells really fresh and wonderful and Gabriel quite surprisingly chose a Shea and almond butter bar very plain and truth be told I am not a fan of the smell but he was over the moon so there you go and finally I chose a berry scented bar which reminds me so much of the reindeer rock soap that LUSH brings out over xmas time so I was pleased as punch as well, the deodorant I chose has quite a flowery smell but it works really well and then finally we picked up their hand soap refill which is real value for your money and the options all smell amazing, I also love that it’s not drying.

This range is cruelty free which is another reason why I go back to it every time and is available in clicks stores nationwide at an affordable price which of course is a plus for all.

Movies and Series


Do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen this yet make a point to watch it, my hubby put it on the night after he came back from the UK and I cannot tell you when last I laughed from the start to the finish of a film, its was hilarious!

I even told hubby if the comics have the same humor I will read them, it was that good.
Not for kiddies of course as it contains, sex, bawdy humor and of course violence but a great movie to watch in adult company =)


Terry’s Orange Sensations

My hubby brought these back for me from the UK, I have always loved Terry’s dark orange, he couldn’t find it so he got me this mixed assortment, the dark orange still reigns supreme but I cannot explain the quality difference when it comes to the chocolate it’s just amazing and if I could share it with every single person I know I would because it is just that good, I believe they may stock it at the UK emporium in Cape Town but I am not sure if you ever see them give it a try completely worth it and just the right amount in every serving to leave you a very happy momma!

Thats all for this month sorry it's a bit short but I'm a mom on a budget and cannot always splurge to try something new, I am also a creature of habit and do tend to keep with what works if I can help it.

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