Thursday, 1 October 2015

Essence My Skin- Skincare Range

So over the past 2 or so months I have been on a search, a search for a better skin regime and a solution to the various skin issues I have been experiencing lately.

Whilst I love LUSH and I loved the Aqua Marina facial cleanser I was using I just couldn’t afford it at the time on a monthly basis and the soap version of it Fresh Pharmacy seemed to be aggravating my skin to the point where my skin was physically sore and brought me to tears.

So after doing a bit of research I went on a search I looked at various options and eventually my mom spotted the Essence skin care range and I am so grateful that she did because not only is it extremely affordable but it has worked miracles to the point where my skin has now COMPLETELY cleared up, it feels soft moisturised and looks healthy with no more breakouts!!!!!!

So I have incorporated 3 products into my regime a cleansing gel and make up wipes both for combination skin and then the intensively caring moisturiser for dry skin.

My Skin Mattifying Cleansing Gel

So first off the cleansing gel which retails for R34.95 and is available at Dischem, Red Square and Clicks.
The gentle wash gel cleanses your skin down to the pores and thoroughly frees your face of make-up and dirt. a combination of lychee extracts, grape seed oil and panthenol refines the pores and offers a perfect mattifying effect. for ideal results, apply the gel on moist face, massage to create a light foam and then rinse with clear water. free of colorants.”

This gel wash is amazing, you only need a minute amount to cleanse your entire face and it leaves your skin feeling soft and wonderful it is recommended for a twice daily, I do try to use it twice a day but most days I use it once a day and I cannot explain how much better my skin looks and feels, I am one happy momma!!!!

My Skin Mattifying Cleansing Wipes

“The soft cleansing wipes free your skin of dirt and make-up down to the pores. The soft formula with lychee extracts, grape seed oil and allantoin pampers dry areas of skin and mattifies the shiny t-zone – perfect for combination skin. Its gentle formulation without alcohol and parabenes is also ideal for the sensitive skin around your eyes. it doesn’t get any faster and more practical than this – especially when you’re on the go!”

I have never been a fan of make-up wipes, but I decided to give these a try as I caught a buy 2 get one free promo at clicks and thought it may be great to keep on my persons to remove or touch up my make up when needed.  It did come in handy because whilst my skin was so inflamed and painful I would literally dive into my car after work and remove my make up immediately, it really helped and removed I would say 98% of my make up with one wipe.

The wipes retail for R29.95

My Skin Intensively Caring Cream

Put a stop to dry skin! The rich formula with peach kernel oil, Shea butter and vitamin e as well as pomegranate and bamboo extracts provide dry skin with intensive moisture and protects it from drying out. Extremely pampering without creating an oily feel, your skin will look velvety, soft and beautifully radiant! Apply the cream on cleansed face and neckline daily in the morning and evening – also ideal for use as a make-up base. Free of colorants.”

This retails for R44.95 and I absolutely LOVE this product, I have dry skin but oily areas hence why I purchased the wipes and gel for combination skin, however I chose the cream for dry skin because I needed that added moisture afterwards and I just LOVE it!.

A little goes a long way and you can use it once or twice daily.

I cannot explain I wish I had taken before and after pictures to show what a dramatic difference this range has made to my skin, and for the price of just over 100 you can get all 3 products which is just crazy and makes me a very happy woman!!!!

I highly recommend this range, they have 3 colour coded ranges for dry oily and combination skin and as I said before the products can be found at Clicks, Dischem and Clicks.

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