Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Extended breastfeeding, where to from here?

So I have been getting a lot of questions lately mostly from people I hardly even know (what the hell) about whether I plan to continue breastfeeding past the 2 year mark which is fast approaching at the end of this month (shock and horror.

Honestly I never thought in a million years that I would make it to 2 months of breastfeeding let alone 2 years but like they say in the movie Home I had(s) hope.

It has been far from a smooth road there have been many days and still are days when I think to myself argh I just want my boobs back (or what left of them) now, I don’t want to have to stress about expressing at work or what medications I can or can’t take, but the days that I cherish my breastfeeding moments far outnumber those days and this is why I continue to breastfeed even though so many people tell me I don’t have to or shouldn’t anymore, I do it because my son isn’t ready to give it up and I’m fine with that, I am just so used to it being part of our everyday routine that the few times my son has actually skipped on the boob I have felt displaced and odd.

That being said do I plan to continue on past 2 years?

As of this moment my answer is yes, look I don’t know what the future holds, Jesse may decide tomorrow that he no longer wants the boob and that will be fine, I am at the stage now where I do not offer, if he wants he will say so, other than that if he doesn’t ask I leave it and during the day I will still express for as long as possible to give him what I can during the day which he drinks from the bottle (and can tell the difference btw), because there are great benefits to breast milk so why not give him that bit extra whilst I can.

To be quite honest I have always said that breastfeeding past 2 is a bit strange but now that I have finally reached this goal myself I feel really proud about it and Jesse is still so small so if not why not at the moment I take it one day at a time and will continue to do so, it is my body and he is my child so really what anyone else has to say about the matter is wasted breath.

Babies grow so fast and before you know it they do not need you so much anymore so why not enjoy it while it lasts I truly see it as a privilege that I have been able to come this far with so many woman who are unable to breastfeed at all so for now I count myself as blessed and will continue to take it one step at a time.

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