Friday, 28 August 2015

Feature Friday- JJ's Phatcakes

Hi everyone and welcome back to my feature Friday where I will be highlighting a different local business every Friday in the hopes of giving local ladies a chance to get their information out there and tell us a bit about what they have to offer.

So this week I will be highlighting JJ’s Phatcakes, which is run by Jaqueline Jansen a local cake artisan/ baker, mom of three who hails from Benoni in Gauteng and who even finds the time and the heart to run charity events and help out those in need wherever she can, another amazing lady with a big heart, let’s get started and see what she has to share with us:

How did you come by the name JJ’s Phatcakes?

My husband came up with the name. It’s my name Jaqueline Jansen combined with phatcakes which is slang for excellent.”

Tell us one thing that makes your cakes wow:

“My cakes are 99% handmade.  I don’t use a lot of moulds unless I really have to.”

Why and when did you start your business?

“Almost 4 years ago I was a stay at home mom. Finances where tough and I have no qualifications so I struggled to get a job.

My daughters second birthday was coming up and we needed cake!!

Mini mouse was begged for so this mom had to supply. So I asked a friend to help. Never before had I heard of fondant or chocolate ganache but I was determined to give my little girl her cake.

The Cake came out pretty well.

So I decided I was going to start making cupcakes and see what my kids friends think of them. They loved it but they wanted characters on them. I started googling and found my new best friend You Tube!

So I started learning all the little things. Have not even gotten to half the stuff I want to learn yet.

I lived In a small town at that time so did not have to many people willing to buy cake. But people got to know me and so my JJ’s Phatcakes started. I did maybe one cake or 24 cupcakes a month.

We moved to Cape Town. Yeh big city will get lots of orders I thought. Yup big city alright, which means big cake shops to compete against.  So I was in the cape for 3 months.

Then we moved back to my childhood town Benoni Gauteng. 

I needed to find work for we were not coping. I started a full day job. I did admin in the mornings and au pair work in the afternoon. 

So I have 3 kids of my own. I worked from 7:30 till 5:30 and every sat from 8am -1pm.

It was great I had a decent income. 

Then December holidays arrived. I have to work and what do I do with my kids? So I sent them to their grandmother for 5 weeks. I nearly died from missing them.

Anyway things got tough, my Eldest boy (11) started to drop his grades, middle boy (7) started gr 1 and needed extra attention,  little miss muffet was happy at day care but days started getting really long and I saw less and less of my kids.

So I went back to being full time mom and baker. I have been baking full time for 5 months now and I have not had one week go by without an order.”

Besides making cakes for orders are you busy with anything else?

“September month I am doing a charity cake which is a 3D rhino shaped cake. I am donating 100 cupcakes to cupcakes for hope and I am donating a wedding cake to a bride that can't afford it in October.”

What is it like being a WAHM how does it affect your family?

Being a cake artisan from home gives me the time to give my children all the attention they need. I am there to help with homework or to go to sport activities. I have seen a major difference in my 11 year olds academics from when I was working full day to now when I am home.  It is amazing how much you miss out on when you work full time. All the little things. It does get lonely being at home all day having not much contact with other adults, but week days are kids days weekends it's adult’s time. Whether it is a braai with friends or just a snuggle with hubby in front of the tv.

And of course when its December holidays I don’t have to panic because I don’t have to ask someone to take care of my kids.”

How can someone find you online?

Via Facebook, she has a page so go on over and show her some love.

How can someone order?

Through her face book page above, you can also email her or give her a call

Sum yourself up in a few words:

Self taught happy mommy baker. 

Such an amazing momma, such beautiful cakes and by the looks of her facebook page many happy customers, it is never an easy decision to make to go against the grain and make your way on your own doing your own thing but Jaqueline has certainly shown that determination and perseverance pay off as does doing something you love to do.

Thank you to Jaqueline for sharing with us and keep doing what you love because you clearly have the talent and passion to do what you do.

If you live in Gauteng I highly recommend trying JJ’s Phatcakes, and if you don’t go on and show her page some love anyway because she certainly deserves it.

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