Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My response to Natural Birth arguments- no hate just response

This morning there was a discussion on a mom site about natural vs caeser again, I personally love this topic because I think it is great to see perspective from both sides, I have said before that I advocate a mothers choice when it comes to birthing options but there were a few topics discussed within this and one lady did say that in her opinion she does not why anyone would choose a caeser if there is no need so I would like to list my reasons adjacent to the reasons people advocate natural birth, this is my personal experience of course and I feel that it is a very personal choice, just a side not that these ladies were all very respectful on this topic and there were some very informative pieces of advice shared


Your body was made to give natural birth- yes that is true however before the invention of modern medicine and surgical techniques more woman died in or shortly after childbirth than made it through it healthy and intact, also more babies died during or shortly after child birth as there were no life-saving intervention techniques to detect distress or any other problems that could be picked up beforehand.

You cannot say you have given birth unless you have physically pushed the baby out- well what would you call it then my baby was still born right, I still carried that baby and looked after that baby for how many weeks or months so what difference does it make how he/ she was delivered.

A caeser is major abdominal surgery and should not be chosen- yes it is considered major surgery and yes not all woman recover quickly afterwards but then again not all woman recover well after a natural birth either.

Your baby will not be exposed to the natural bacteria that it would be if pushed through the vjj- true but in my case I had bad bacteria that could be passed onto my baby and cause illness or death they only tested for this with my 3rd birth and by accident because they were testing for something else and it showed up in the results so had I had natural birth and they had not picked it up I would have endangered the life of my babies and could have caused permanent damage or death.

Caesers are painful and the recovery time is so much longer- I don’t agree personally I was up as soon as I was allowed to and off pain meds by the time I left the hospital I went back to functioning as normal, I drove, picked up my kids did housework a lot of people commented that they would never had known I had just had surgery.

You don’t bond with your baby- utter hogwash a birthing method makes absolutely no difference however if you are depressed because you do not like the way you delivered that can affect the bonding process but that is you not the birthing process, and this can happen if you are forced to go through a natural birth when you don’t want to as well.

It limits the amount of children you can have- not that many woman these days have more than 2 or 3 children but a ceaser does not limit the amount of children you can have; there is a woman in the uk who has had 12 ceasers however your skin and own healing process can affect your likely hood of rupturing which is why doctors show concern after a few ceasers.

Ceaser moms take the easy way out- a ceaser is not an easy process and does affect your body for life so I fail to see how it is easy.

Doctors are too quick to advocate caesers- my answer to this is that if you feel your doctor is pushing you against your chosen birthing method for invalid reasons then change doctors- your doctor should not force you into a birthing method unless it is for the safety of you or your baby.

Woman should not be given a choice it should be natural unless it is an emergency- turn it around how would you feel if you were told you could not have natural birth that you did not have a say in the matter because it was better- you wouldn’t be very happy now would you so why should a caeser mom be forced.

All woman can give natural birth if they try- not true I was in active labor for at least 6 hours with my eldest my contractions were 5 minutes apart and my waters had broken on their own Loghan had not entered the birthing canal at all and I was not dilated even ½ a centimeter my cervix hadn’t shortened nothing, with my 3rd I had been in active labour for 9 hours contractions also 5 minutes apart again the same story my gynea only determined then that my uterus was angled and my babies could not possibly get into the birthing canal properly to press on the cervix and cause dialation I would never have been able to give natural birth so no not every woman can.

Natural births are safer- I beg to differ I think both have their pros and cons but in my opinion a ceaser is far better monitored quicker, more controlled and safer for mom and baby I have seen too many home or natural births go wrong, but to the woman who do have successful natural births wow that is awesome for you.

But every woman should want a natural birth right- wrong I have from childhood and I know I am not alone have never ever not once ever wanted to experience a natural birth NEVER it is just not something that I have ever wanted to go through, I wondered what contractions felt like and I do advocate the idea of a natural ceaser whereby you only go in for your caeser once labour has started in order to determine that baby is ready and also so that your baby chooses their birthdate but again this is personal choice.

As a woman it is a miracle that we are able to give birth that we are able to fall pregnant and carry a child, then have that child and take care of that child- both sides have pros and cons it is up to you as a mom to do the research and decide what you feel is best for you and your baby because at the end of the day all that matters is you walk away with a happy healthy baby- your baby will not remember the birth or care how they came into the world they will only know that they are here and they are loved.

We are all mothers- we all gave birth- we all love our children and that is what matters 


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