Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Cape Town Traffic

You know what I find dam frustrating sitting in the traffic in the morning and the traffic news says that traffic is backed up/ delayed on the road on which I am traveling (no you don’t say)…. And that’s it no explanation nada.

This has been going on since Monday no explanation no accidents no nothing the only factor that these 3 days has shared is that it has been dum dum dum raining, but it rains pretty much everyday during our winters- Seriously you would think that people would know how to drive in the rain not Capetonians oh no as soon as it rains everyone forgets how to drive, forgets that there are rules to the road and the roads are wet therefore you need to drive a bit slower and keep a safe following distance, I cannot for the life of me understand it – it’s like everyone panics and goes bat shit crazy.

Now I hate driving as it is and quite frankly I am probably terrible to drive with when there are no kids in the car I develop an anger issue of not and a very foul mouth, when someone feels the need to sit and drive on the behind of m y car I tell you I look in that review mirror and the words and gestures that fly well the person soon gets the picture and pulls away, seriously why must I lose my cool for you to drive like a half decent human being argh.

Don’t even let me get started on the Taxis that cause more deaths on our roads than anything else overloaded un roadworthy with unlicensed drivers who drive like absolute idiots pulling over at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever they feel like it is maddening…..

To top it off we have road works going on for the new bus lanes that are taking over everything and they can’t do the major work while everyone is at work oh no they wait until rush hour to close 2/3 lanes and to occupy half the street with construction vehicles then a half hour trip home turns into an hour and an hour trip to work turns into two, and the funniest thing is watching these men work simply because say for example they are digging a hole one man will be digging and there will be at least 7 other men standing around the hole observing and supervising I tell you I actually need to take a picture because you have to see it to believe it.

Thus is a day in the life of a cape town driver I tell you its no wonder we are all so stressed out and people are so miserable sigh- the only consolation I have in the mornings is our gorgeous view going into work nothing beats our view it is just stunning

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