Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Thank you Mr president you idiotic git

I love Cape Town and South Africa I truly do, I think we have a gorgeous country with so much to offer, I have lived overseas albeit for a brief period of time and nothing compares to the beauty and splendour our home has to offer, yes it was somewhat cleaner, they are definantly stricter, but there is also crime, the people are rude and the beauty cannot compare, granted I have not been everywhere there are still places I would love to go and admittedly if I could I would live between here and Europe but that is strictly because I am not a Summer person and it would tickle me pink to live in a constant winter.

However what I cannot stand what embarrasses the absolute be-jambles out of me about our country is firstly our justice system and secondly our president and most of the people in political standing.

Not only does the idiot of a man we have for a president defy simple logic by having failed the basic levels of primary school education mocking the very aspirations of everyone who strives to achieve a good or better form of education in this country, he is a in general an illiterate rapist who insults every one of the people in this country by thinking that he can not only make promises he cannot keep and then blame it on everyone else (nothing new) but also squander the tax payers money on his own personal village of a home with no shame while people go hungry and struggle to survive on a daily basis.

Do you even think of your people Mr President?.... probably not, the people you once and still promise to protect and uphold for a better future the people you have promised homes to, running water, toilets, food and jobs, so much of this could have been achieved with all the money that you abused to build your fire pools and chicken kraals, all the people that naively looked to you in their time of need as someone that was going to carry on the legacy of a better man that came before you, sadly those people your people the poor and the destitute chose to trust you and put their faith in you because you promised them a better future and I am not talking racistly but the people who have followed you are predominantly of African descent ie black they chose to follow you thinking that you would fight for them and what have you done, spat in their very faces laughed at their circumstances by saying eish I didn’t know, I didn’t know where the money was coming from I didn’t know it was the people’s money, I didn’t ask for it.

Forgive my French but how fing stupid do you think people, are, now there are many ill or uneducated people in our country but its simple they see you sitting on your throne so to speak luxury cars, all the food clothing and such you could want for all your wives and children and then your lavish village complete with an Olympic size fire pool amongst other things while they starve and fight for survival that is a simple picture that even a 4 year old could piece together and yet you just don’t care you think you are protected but let me say this protection doesn’t last forever, your term is nearly over and then what are you going to do where are you going to hide and Julius oh dear Julius the idiot that you encouraged and then cast out several months ago, in this regard he is not that much of an idiot he will fight to make you pay as will all the other parties and the people because guess what we are sick of fighting everyday just to survive we are sick of working our tails off just to earn enough petrol money to get to work and enough money to give our kids an education which is also failing miserably in this country oh but wait you don’t think about either because you never had an education so why should you care, you need an education to be a waiter these days but to be president and run a country oh no that’s simple enough you just have be lucky at the right time and wham your throne your majesty now you think you can do pretty much anything you want and get away with it you obviously were not advised correctly because if you had done this mid- term or waited a while after being elected you probably would have evaded having to take responsibility for your actions not that you will anyway as its always someone else’s fault.

In my opinion I cannot understand voting for someone based exclusively on race because at the end of the day once they have the money and the power that almost always falls by the waste side, except in the case of Nelson Mandela who was an amazing man who gave our country so much.
I do not vote for the DA because its run by Helen Zille or because she is white I vote for the DA because they are the only leading party who stand a chance against the ANC and actually do what they say they are going to, and just out of interest there is more culture and race in the DA than the predominantly 1 coloured ANC and the DA doesn’t buy its members over, not too long ago Helen Zille made a ‘mistake’ she tried to join with Agang leader Mamphela Ramphele , now when I saw this I was really happy I would happily have voted for the DA knowing that Mamphela Ramphele could be president unfortunately it was not a very well planned move and it fell through, further proof that it is not about race, she is a very educated woman with money of her own I am positive she could have done something good for our country.

I see all these smaller parties I understand you want a seat in parliament but can’t you understand that it would be better to rally together for a common cause and better our country than to divide because you don’t feel a party is perfectly along the lines of what you want.... no party is perfect but if we all joined together party leaders included we could provide SA with a better future.

I cannot for the life of me understand why you would not see through the false promises everything that is said old news over and over again, Zuma and the ANC refuse to acknowledge that they are running the country into the ground, since the fall of apartheid never has there been so much unemployment, so many starving so many uneducated and you don’t have to be educated to see this you can look around, the latest generation has been brought up to expect hand-outs, to believe that they are entitled to free land, jobs of higher standing without having worked for and we can all see how that has worked out for the country but let me just say EVERYONE is entitled to things such as and education, jobs, food, clean water, a roof over our heads and to feel safe however, we also cannot expect to be handed everything on a silver platter because of our race, ancestry or income level we still need to work and those that do should not have to pay for those that just expect to receive, this goes for all races.

Latest thing this morning is that Mr Zuma has said that South Africans back up the Uganda anti gay laws, EXCUSE US how dare you presume that you speak for the people of this country in that or any matter, Cape Town especially has a high homosexual population so how dare you presume to say that, I am glad that you said it because you will only lose more votes but how dare you and shame on you for, I cannot say for sure but I am positive that there were many people that voted for you that are gay how you insult them even further with your words it is disgusting, you have the audacity to rape a woman say its ok because you organised her a lift home and took a shower afterwards and therefore won’t get aids but it is not ok to be gay which is something that you are born with that cannot be helped.

I know so many people who struggle with their sexuality or sexual orientation on a daily basis because of people that you, amazing people who shouldn’t have to feel guilty about who they are because ill-educated arrogant assholes like you think it is ok to insult them and tell them they are evil but that’s its fine to have many wives and to rape and do whatever else you dam well please but oh no you can’t be gay.

We as a people and a country are sick to death of being used and abused for political devices to better the lives of the few while the majority suffer, we as a people need to stand up and fight, to cast race and cultural aside and join together for a better cause, one worth fighting for one that will better everyone’s future and not just a select few, people need to wake up and realise with these people in power there is no hope you will never get what you need you will never see what they have promised it will only get worse before you know it no body with a hard earned education will have a job our economy will crumble further to the ground and no one will want to come here at all our people will starve and become destitute as in everyone and for what for nothing all because we cannot join together and fight.

Fight for our rights and lives because we as a people and not individuals deserve it because we deserve to remain a country of beauty and one of peace and cultural splendour!

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